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How do I sync data among multiple iOS and Android devices?

You can connect Baby Tracker Server, create a sync group, and let all devices join this sync group. The data will be synced between all devices that joined this group.

Step 1: Create a Sync Group.

You need to create the sync group on the device that has all the data.
  1. Go to app Settings > Sync Group
  2. Tap Create a Group on the bottom
  3. Enter email address and password. The email address must be a valid email address where we can send you a temporary password when you need to reset your password.
  4. Tap the top right OK button to create a sync group.

Step 2: Join the Sync Group

On other devices, you join the sync group
  1. Go to app Settings > Sync Group
  2. Enter email address and password.
  3. Tap the top right OK button to join the sync group.

My device is disconnected with a merge error message, what should I do?

If the sync is disabled with a merge error message, please disconnect all devices first. Then on the device that has all the data, login with the Reset group option on. After doing this, you can try to login to this group on all devices again.

How many devices can join the sync group?

In theory, there is no limit on devices. In our test environment, we have directly tested up to 4 devices in a single sync group.

Data Clone

When should I use data clone instead of synchronization?

If you log data only on one device, but you need to share the data to another device, you can use data clone.

  • Data clone will not use your network data plan if you import/export cloned data via Wi-Fi.
  • Compared to syncing, data clone reduces data cache usage for reduced app space.
You also can use data clone as a backup by exporting the cloned data via email, and importing it later as a restore.

How can I clone data?

On the source device, go to Settings > Export Data Clone. Select the method that you want to use, such as Email, Gmail, or Drive.

On the receiving device:

Save the clone data to a local folder from the Email app, Gmail or Drive. Find the downloaded clone data (snapshot.btcp) from the file managing tool, such as My Files (for Samsung), tap on the file.

Data inputting and editing

Can I add another baby?

Yes. Tap the baby profile photo to go to Baby Info edit page. Tap Add Another Baby to add another baby.

Can I log other events when I’m using the nursing timer?

Yes, just tap top right OK button to save and exit the timer page. The timer will run in the background. You can log other activities, review records or check charts as usual. When you need stop the timer or switch sides during nursing, tap the nursing button and the app will bring the timer back.

How can I edit a record?

You can edit a record by tapping the record on the review page.

How can I delete a record?

You can delete a record on the review page. Tap the top right trashcan button to enter edit mode, select the records that you want to delete, tap Delete button on the top right of page to delete them, or tap Cancel to cancel the deletion.

Can I show the most recent record on the top instead of have to scroll down to the bottom?

Yes, you can go to Settings > Preferences and change Review Sort Order to DESC.

Can I add other supplements?

Yes. On the supplement selection page, select Others, type in a name, then tap the top right OK button. You cannot rename the added supplement after you tap OK, but you can delete the added supplement if not in use by any records.

Can I add other activity types?

Yes. On other activity input page, tap Select an Activity, select Others, tap in a name, then tap the top right OK button. You cannot rename the added other activity type, but you can delete the new activity if not in use by any records.

How can I get all other activities, such as growth records, in one place?

To get all other activities, such as growth records, in one place, tap the green flag icon in the lower right corner. Next, pull down the screen until you see the daily switch in the upper right corner, and turn the Daily switch to the Off position so it is no longer green. Tap the green All bar to show a full list of activities, and then select the preferred activity type - Growth, for example. Now you should see all of the growth records listed below.

What is inventory on the pumping information? How can I adjust it?

The inventory = Total pumped breast milk amount - Total bottle-fed breast milk amount.
If the inventory is < 0, the app will not show it.

You can adjust the inventory amount in case the calculation is incorrect. The simplest way to adjust the inventory is using the pumping record with pumping amount 0.

How can I access records from more than 2 weeks ago?

The day tracker provides a convenient way to see recent records up to 2 weeks old, and for records older than 2 weeks just tap the time label at the top of the screen and use the date wheel to change the review day.

On the main page, my Baby Tracker is showing last activity time, i.e. 5:34 AM, rather than telling me how many mins ago, how can I change it?

The time format is switched by tapping the time label, it will remain in the same format until you tap the time label again.
The time label is the area that shows the time, such as 06:12 PM, tap it, it will change to 45 minutes ago. It is a small area to tap, you have to tap exactly on 06:12 PM.

Growth Chart

What references do you use for the growth chart?

We use the child growth standards that are published by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Can I use the adjusted age on the growth chart for my premature baby?

Baby Tracker will use the due date to adjust growth charts.

  1. Tap the baby profile photo, then select Premature Baby to enter the Baby Info page. Input the Due Date for the premature baby.
    Adding the due date allows the app to compare the date of birth and due date in order to determine the age of the premature baby, therefore adjusting growth data based on this information.
  2. Go to app Settings > Preferences, tap Use Adjusted Age for Growth to turn it on. This is indicated by showing the checkmark.
Please note, due to lack of a standard data record set, all growth records before the due date will not be shown in growth charts.

The instant growth percentage is useful. How many years of growth data can Baby Tracker handle?

Baby Tracker has 0-5 years WHO child growth standard data.


How do I contact Baby Tracker if I have questions?

If you run into any issue, please use Settings > Email Support to contact us. The email will attach the APP logs from your most recent app activities. These logs will help us pinpoint the problem quickly. Please note these APP logs may contain some of your record information. However, you can review these logs with any text editor before sending them to us.

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